Saturday, June 12, 2010

My Kitchen Sink

Okay so this is my kitchen sink.  This is actually pretty doggone clean compared to how it normally looks.  I'll post a picture of how bad it can get another time. 

So...what do we have here? 

Well, starting at the top we have the view out the window.  I love our yard.  Very woodsy.  It's not a giant yard but it's very natural.  It's my favorite thing about living in this house.  As you can see, there is a grey fence out there.  That is my neighbor's fence.  Before they got the bright idea to put up a solid 6 foot high fence around their property and plow down all the foliage, we had this beautiful illusion that we lived in the woods.  Now, we get to see their fence every day and see their "yard" every day where before there wasn't a yard, just woods.  Grrrrr.  And, if I may, they don't even have young kids that go out and play in the yard!  That I could understand, but, they did all of this for a dog they bought that goes out to pee and then runs back in the house.

Next you see an index card pinned to the window frame.  On that card is a prayer request from a woman in my homeschool group.  We pass out prayer requests every month.  I enjoy being able to pray for her needs when I'm at the sink.

Next you see a gallon-sized ziploc baggie hanging from the curtain rod.   I am trying to economize by re-using my ziplocs.  Not the little ones, but the biggies. 

Moving onto the counter and starting at your left you will see a stack of Ikea cups and bowls.  These are so handy.  I have limited cupboard space (or don't know how to use it right) so for now they live on the counter.

Next we have the hand washables drip drying in the dish rack.  And next to them the empty sink.  Just above the sink you will see two paintbrushes that I've washed from one of the kids' art projects and they will sit there for months until I finally return them to their home.

To the right of the sink you will see liquid dishwashing soap and my ugly cup that holds my dish scrubbies.  I would like to hide them but I use them all the time so I think it just needs to sit out.  Next to that you see the dishwasher detergent that I was too lazy to put in the cupboard, then an empty bottle that I've been putting off cleaning for a month, then my spray countertop cleaner.  I'm sure I could hide the kitchen cleaning supplies...but where?  Do other people hide theirs?  If we hide them, is that creating that artificial veneer that everything is perfect at the expense of real life?

The rest of the stuff on the counter is my bread making supplies.  I didn't sit it out "on display" for you to see, I was just about to make some bread so it was all sitting out.  I make two loaves at a time because that's all my Kitchenaid can handle and I'm too lazy to knead my own at this time :).  I would like to make four at a time though.

Well, that's my kitchen sink.  Feel free to send me a REAL picture of yours and a description so we can "get REAL" together!

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