Monday, June 14, 2010

My Messy Living Room

I promised to get real on this blog so here goes.  I'm sure none if it ever gets this bad in your own homes but orderliness is not my strong suit.  ...oh, how I try...  I don't know what's deficient in me that seems to be so amply provided in others but chaos seems to reign supreme most days around here.
So here's a "get real" picture of what's going on in my living room right now:

Yup...this is for real.  Let me take you on a tour....

On your left you see what I call "Mt. Never-rest"  That chair is perpetually holding laundry that is waiting to be sorted and delivered.  Why we can't just run through a load a day and get it to completion by the end of the day is beyond me.

Above Mt. Never-rest is a picture that is clearly too small for the space.  Doesn't it look ridiculous there?  I obviously need something bigger.  But I digress...back to chaos.

Next to Mt. Never-rest and on the coffee table are a bunch of trash bags. (Yup, there's a coffee table shoved against the hutch.  Why is it shoved there and not sitting politely in front of a couch you ask?  No clue.  It's often there 'cause the kids move it aside to do sleepovers, dance shows, etc) These trash bags are working in partnership with the blue tubs stacked in front of the coffee table.  They are all full of either all the summer clothes that the kids either think look too dorky to be seen on their bodies OR winter clothes that need to go into storage.  (Why are they not in storage you ask?  Because I want to clean out and organize the garage a bit before re-filling it with MORE should see our garage...but that will be for another day....)

Next to that beautiful 200 year old hutch that's buried in BLECH is a 1 year old bookshelf I cobbled together out of cement blocks I dug out of the mud behind our house and wire racks from the garage.  Did I mention I homeschool?  That means I have a lot of books.  I have no place for them.  My dear husband, whom I love, bought $400 worth of lumber to build us a wall-to-wall floor-to-ceiling bookcase that has been sitting in the garage for the past 2 (or is it 3) years half stained.  Love him, I really do.  But I am getting desperate for the bookshelf so last summer I invented my own.  Butt-ugly but it holds the books.  (I was kinda hoping it would make him feel a little guilty when he saw what I had to resort to but I don't think he did! lol)  As you can see both the beautiful 200 year old hutch and the butt-ugly 1 year old bookshelf have books lying all cock-a-mamie on them because I cannot reach either of them to put the books away properly.

Why am I showing you this?  Well, to make you feel like you're not alone with your own little pile of chaos that you have somewhere in your life.  Maybe it's not as big and ugly as mine, or maybe it's worse, but, please know I share your pain.

By the way, this space will be completely transformed by Friday night because my Dad just told me he'd like to come out to visit us over the weekend.  Yikes!  This is not the only pile of chaos that I have.  I have many.  I will be conquering some mountains this week while still trying to do all the other stuff I have to do.

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